Nobody likes this guy wearing a full Jordan Bulls outfit in a pickup basketball game

Michael Jordan returned to competitive basketball over the weekend! Kind of, not really

Do you guys want shirts, skins or full, NBA-regulation game uniforms?

A very serious pickup basketball player is getting roasted online after showing up to a game in a straight-up full Michael Jordan Bulls uniform, complete with the crying legend's Chicago Bulls jersey, shorts, sweatband and a pair of Jordans on his feet.

Wearing a full Jordan uniform to a game of pickup basketball is a bit like wearing a deep sea diving suit to a public pool, or a wedding dress to your junior prom. It's 1000 percent too much.

That being said, the guy is definitely not going to let you down on defense, as seen in the video. His brief time in the spotlight even netted him a classic '90s NBC highlight reel.

What do you say, Coach K; too late to add him to Team USA?

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