Dad shares chilling video of swing set moving 'like crazy' in deserted, windless playground

Playground Ghosts
Playground Ghosts

A Rhode Island father took to Facebook on June 28 to share a rather creepy sight he and his children came upon while attempting to go to the playground.

Scotty Denton shared a video of what appears to be a rather sturdy swing blowing every which way, which would probably seem typical ... if there had been any wind that day.

"Alright, were at the playground, and the kids don't wanna go anymore," Denton says in his once-live Facebook post, "because look at this sh*t."

"Look at this, this is real, there is NO wind out there."

And if you look at the other swings on the set, he appears to be telling the truth.

"There's no wind ... look at the other swings, then look at this" he reiterated, saying that the swing had been "swinging like crazy" for "like two minutes."

"I'm not playing, look at this. This is a dead serious video, I'm not playing around," he continued.

Eventually, one of his three kids, who have all been excitedly chiming in throughout the entire video, decided he has had enough and asks, "do you wanna go to a different playground?"

And while his daughter still seemed game to play in the haunted park, Denton wisely decreed "Jenna, you can't go on that today," before laughing and immediately driving off.

So, was this the disgruntled spirit of a ghost child, or simply a convincing hoax?

Either way, we're sure everyone can agree on one thing here ... we're glad they didn't stick around to find out.

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