Los Angeles Zoo littered with signs containing false animal facts

Happy Animal Facts That Will Make You Smile
Happy Animal Facts That Will Make You Smile

Just because something is written in an authoritative font doesn't mean it is true.

Fake animal facts have been popping up at the Los Angeles Zoo, and you should be cautious of them.

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The fake tidbits are the work of internet comedian Jeff Wysaski.

He's the voice behind the Obvious Plant Tumblr and Facebook pages.

Most of the signs, which are extremely realistic-looking, start off trustworthy but veer off to the ridiculous.

Beware of the misleading animal information he posted below:

Ducks may be adorable when they march together, but so far as we know, there is not a one gifted with the ability to play a musical instrument -- much less enough to form a parade.

The beloved Founding Father is actually zero koalas stacked on top of each other. He is fully human man.

Owls don't watch television. Even if they did, "Friends" comes on way too early in the day for the nocturnal creatures to catch.

Just a general rule of thumb here -- don't trust any signs that start in sentence case then switch into all caps like they are screaming.

This one is probably the most realistic of all of them, but we know it's not true because it's posted on the Obvious Plant Facebook page.

Another relatable fact that is difficult to debunk that simply must be untrue because the comedian bragged about it.

The rule of all caps screaming signs comes into play here. But who knows, a meerkat could be planting this fact in your mind right now so you don't expect it when they take control.

Penguins already have disdain for the poor, and everyone else for that matter. The tuxedoed creatures are some of the snobbiest in the animal kingdom.

Remember to be vigilant during your next zoo trip, and don't trust any screaming signs.

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