After Romeo reveals their musical guilty pleasure

After Romeo reveals their musical guilty pleasure

We all have our guilty pleasures. Whether it's a musical group we secretly cannot get enough of or a comfort food that we crave on the daily, everyone has something they can't help but indulge in. And the pop band After Romeo is no exception.

The four piece made up of members Jayk Purdy, Drew Ryan Scott, Blake English, and T. C. Carter, has been on the rise in the music industry, gaining traction after uploading their videos to YouTube. Shortly after, the group nabbed the number one spot on the MTV music chart and have toured around the US. They also have travelled across America to speak to students for their anti-bullying campaign titled "Bully Proof." Needless to say, they have their schedules jam-packed. So when they need to unwind or indulge, they turn to their guilty pleasures, which range from food to Fifth Harmony.

We recently sat down with the musical sensation on the heels of their incredible AOL BUILD performance. Click here to watch our exclusive interview with After Romeo to find out which member has an unparalleled taco obsession, their craziest fan moments, and more!

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