Be a good American and hang the flag properly this Fourth of July

Be a Good American and Hang the Flag Properly this Fourth of July

By Sean Dowling:

When it comes to proper etiquette on the Fourth of July, which most certainly revolves around a backyard barbecue, there are certain rules to abide by.

Pace yourself with the burgers. Don't crush any beer cans on your forehead; it's gonna hurt! And if you're want to show off your love for America loud and proud,
you'd better display Old Glory properly!

Whether hanging them from porches or proudly carrying them in the town parade. Old Glory is everywhere, but you better get it right!

The U.S. Federal Government just released a guide on their Facebook page on how to correctly display the American flag for the holiday.

Turns out, there are a lot of rules to obey based on the Federal Flag Code - - which is 56 pages long.

Here's the SparkNotes version.

  • Display it from sunrise to sunset
  • If you want to show it off after dark, you'd better shine a light on it
  • Also if it's raining, don't fly the flag, unless its an all-weather flag
  • When displaying it on the porch, the blue section with stars or the union of the flag needs to be at the peak of the staff unless the flag is at half-staff
  • If displaying it on the window or a flat surface like a wall, the union should be top left

Another good thing to know, many dry cleaners will clean U.S. flags for free during June and July!

Show your patriotism by proudly displaying the old Red, White and Blue while celebrating the nation's 240th birthday.

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