Kevin Durant will make his free agency decision on July 4

Durant concludes meetings, decision coming soon
Durant concludes meetings, decision coming soon

Arguably the most sought after NBA free agent ever, Kevin Durant, has met with each of his five personally selected free agent suitors over the Independence Day weekend. He met with the Oklahoma City Thunder one final time on Sunday.

Durant will reportedly announce which team he will be signing with on The Player's Tribune on July 4.

Allegedly, Durant has narrowed his initial pool of teams from five teams to just two. After meeting with the Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, and Thunder, he has reportedly narrowed his decision down to the Warriors or the Thunder.

Durant, who is the Deputy Editor of the Players' Tribune, will make his formal announcement via an article on the site. It's a very unique way to announce his free agent decision. Ironically, it resembles that of LeBron James back in 2014.

It's likely that teams are going to start making moves once Durant's decision is official. Each of the teams that were pursuing him had to put their offseason on hold in order to ensure that they had enough cap space and money to woo Durant.

By the end of July 4, there will be fireworks all across the United States. Fireworks will also be going off all over the NBA as Durant's decision will affect how the rest of the offseason plays out.

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