Pet dog's kisses left woman hospitalized and fighting for life

Pet Dog's Kisses Left Woman Hospitalized And Fighting For Life
Pet Dog's Kisses Left Woman Hospitalized And Fighting For Life

For many, life holds few greater pleasures than being covered in sloppy kisses by their dog, but such displays of affection can sometimes come with serious consequences.

A report in BMJ tells the story of a 70-year-old U.K. woman who, after being licked by her pet greyhound, ended up hospitalized and fighting for her life.

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She was initially taken to the hospital after experiencing speech issues and becoming unresponsive, notes FOX News.

A few days later, her conditioned worsened.

Testing revealed she had developed sepsis and suffered from multiorgan dysfunction, but she recovered after two weeks of "intensive care support and broad-spectrum antibiotics."

According to the report, the culprit was a bacterium called C. canimorsus which is "frequently isolated in the oral cavities of dogs and cats."

Though such severe outcomes from being exposed to the infectious agent are rare in general, the woman's was even more so because the transfer did not occur due to a bite or scratch.

The authors of the study note the risk of becoming seriously ill after being nipped, scratched, or kissed by a dog is low, but can be higher among newborns and the elderly, according to CBS News.

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