Katy Perry hits 90M, most followed person on Twitter

The Most Followed Person On Twitter
The Most Followed Person On Twitter

A lot of people have a lot of Twitter followers. But, until Friday (July 1) nobody had 90 million. Well, nobody except Katy Perry. The singer left Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift in the digital dust by reaching that milestone, which officially made her the most-followed person on Twitter on the entire planet and the first user to ever reach that lofty figure.

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According to a release from Twitter announcing hte landmark, the top six expressions used to refer to Katy by her KatyCats in tweets are: [my] queen, beautiful, [the] best, better [than], amazing and [my] spirit animal. And you probably already knew it, but here are her five most re-tweeted tweets:

At press time, Bieber had 83.8 million followers and Swift was just behind at 79 million.

See photos of Katy Perry through the years: