Contractor makes horrifying find in home

Home Contractor Discovers Old Human Remains, Homicide Detectives Investigating

Los Angeles, Calif. (KTLA) -- Homicide detectives Friday were investigating the discovery of what they called human remains at a Ladera Heights home, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

A femur and tibia were discovered in a crawl space of a home in the 5900 block of Wooster Avenue late Thursday morning by a contractor while looking at the foundation of for an upcoming project, said Sheriff's Lt. Steve Jauch.

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Investigators responded to the home on Friday. Aerial video from Sky5 showed detectives looking at a large bone discovered on the property. Officials and a cadaver dog searched a small space in between two homes, aerial video showed.

"It appears these bones are several years old. And it's a possibility, I'm told, that those bones may have been here even before the house was built," Jauch said.

Investigators plan to perform a forensic analysis, scan missing persons reports and go over ownership history of the property, officials said.

No other remains were found at the home, according to the sheriff's department.

The bones have been taken to the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner – Coroner's Office where officials will work to determine who they belonged to and why they were in the home.

Officials released no further information about the investigation.

The neighborhood was described as family-friendly and neighbors were spooked by the mystery.

"I've never heard anything," neighbor Amarilis Rivera said. "It's peaceful over here. Until now."

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