This tiny bird sure does look a lot like a certain presidential candidate

'Birdie Sanders' Political Run May Be Stronger Than Bernie's
'Birdie Sanders' Political Run May Be Stronger Than Bernie's

He's been endorsed by birds before --but now, he has become one.

Imgur user TedRob shared an image of a crazy-haired little bird that bears a shocking resemblance to Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and it has sent the internet into a complete tailspin.

The image of "Birdie Sanders," as he's been so lovingly dubbed, has been viewed upwards of 8,000,000 times on the photo-sharing site, and has racked up over 300 comments by people dropping political jokes, left and right.

"He promises to spread the breadcrumb wealth, affordable healthcare for all tiny peckers, and free flight school tuition," one user wrote.

"Is he a Crowscialist?" another pondered, to which a fellow smart aleck replied, "A democrowtic crowscialist, YUGE difference."

Besides those who jumped at the change to make clever references, many users commented to express their pure awe over the likeness.

"I'm done," one user posted. "I've seen all I need to see in this life."

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