The perfect amaro daiquiri for your summer nights

How to Make a Perfect Daiquiri

So last summer I was super into daiquiris and sunbathing, and I'd also just started working as a bartender at Meauxbar (which I highly recommend if you're visiting New Orleans). A fine gentleman by the name of Christopher, who was a huge mentor to me in the way of cocktail mechanics and spirit history, blew my mind when he did the impossible and made the most perfect daiquiri even more perfect just by adding half an ounce of China-China Amaro. What the hell is amaro and why did I just double-mention an Asian superpower? I don't know.*

*Just kidding

The no-fuss, you-give-to-many-details-Matt, let's-get-to-the-booze-already version is this: an amaro is an Italian bitter liqueur (whereas Beau and I are just bitter Italians, key difference) made most commonly from macerated herbs, roots, citrus peels, etc. as the flavoring agents and combined with neutral spirits or wine plus some sugar. Traditionally they're enjoyed neat or with ice after a meal as a digestif, basically settling the stomach.Here we go!

Amaro Daiquiri

makes 1


  • 1 1/2 oz silver rum
  • 3/4 oz fresh lime juice
  • 3/4 simple syrup*
  • 1/2 oz Cynar**


  1. Add all ingredients to a shaking tin, fill it with ice, secure lid and shake for 15 - 20 seconds, or until the shaking tin is frosted over.
  2. Pour into your serving glass and garnish with an orange twist.
  3. *Combine 1 part water with 2 parts sugar in a saucepan, bring to a boil and whisk until sugar is dissolved. Let cool before using.

**I went with Cynar for this recipe because 1. I didn't have any China-China at home and 2. Cynar is totes my fave amaro. It is made from artichokes I swear. Be careful when subbing out different amari, though, they vary widely in flavor profile and intensity as well as sugar content. I don't, for example, see this cocktail working with something as cloyingly bitter and herbacious as Fernet-Branca, nor do I see it working with something as syrupy sweet as Amaro Montenegro. Stick with middle-ground amari: Ramazotti, Averna, China-China, or Cynar would all be perfect.

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