The Denver Broncos and Sony will soon give some fans godlike views of football games

Virtual Reality, Meet Football
Virtual Reality, Meet Football

Watching a football game from a luxury suite is a heavenly experience. But John Elway and the Denver Broncos will soon be testing a new technology to make the experience pretty much godlike.

The Broncos are placing high-performance Sony cameras all over the field. Fans in a luxury suite can then put on a pair of Sony SmartEyeglass, aka smart glasses,Sony says.

And then, using some pretty amazing new technology created by a startup called CrowdOptic, as they glance around the field, CrowdOptic will figure out what they are looking at.

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But here's the really cool part: As the fan looks around, CrowdOptic triangulates their view with the other cameras' views. Every time they intersect, the fan can broadcast to a monitor in the suite stuff going on in the field from those other angles.

Fans can use this tech to "look around" walls or see angles that are typically obstructed from their vantage point.

For instance, say you are in the suite watching the ball when a player jumps in front of your view.

You can simply turn to the monitor to watch the play from another spot in the stadium.

But say you aren't watching the ball. You want to see the expression on the rival quarterback's face when the Broncos score and his back is to you. If another camera can see his face, then so can you.

This system brings you as close to godlike omnipresence on the field as you can get.

Plus, the glasses will give fans real-time data about all the players as they look at them. It will let them upload and share these personalized views of games. It also lets the Broncos analyze crowd behavior and get feedback on the things that drew people's attention.

The Broncos quietly tested this tech during the January 24 AFC Championship Game. Someone wearing smart glasses on the sidelines caught this touching moment of DeMarcus Ware giving his kids a pregame hug on the sidelines.


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