Leading cause of death for people in the US revealed

What's the No. 1 Killer of Americans?
What's the No. 1 Killer of Americans?

By: Keleigh Nealon, Buzz60

According to the CDC, heart disease is still the number one cause of death among people in the U.S., followed by cancer.

There is some good news, though -- adult deaths were down 1 percent in 2014, hitting a record low.

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Over the years, the data has shown a significant decrease in deaths from heart problems and cancer.

Fewer people smoke, and medications have improved.

The statistics also showed life expectancy increased for black men, Hispanic people and non-Hispanic black men.

Bad news for non-Hispanic white women, though, as their life expectancy decreased.

Emphaseyma, accidents and stroke are still among the top killers as well.

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The rankings have changed little over the years.

The CDC has been tracking cause of death data since 1952.

Reports like this help the government decide which healthcare programs to focus on.

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