Gas demand could hit its highest levels ever this weekend

Gas demand may hit record weekly high
Gas demand may hit record weekly high

There's certainly no shortage of road trips in the summertime. Warm weather and the open road just seem to go together, especially on a long weekend when a getaway seems imminent.

And this Fourth of July holiday weekend is no exception.

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In fact, gas demand this weekend is expected to hit the highest levels ever.

Analysts are predicting that 10 million barrels of gas per day will be pumped.

To put that into perspective, one barrel of crude oil is about 42 gallons.

The highest weekly average of gas demand occurred two weeks ago, which was 9.8 million barrels per day

Aside from being a holiday weekend, the predicted spike in consumer demand is also especially high due to an influx of relatively cheap summer gas prices.

The national average price per gallon of gasoline is currently around $2.28.

Analysts are predicting that prices can drop even further when the demand decreases in the fall.

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