DJs tell the most played songs at weddings

DJs Tell The Most Played Songs At Weddings
DJs Tell The Most Played Songs At Weddings

Bridesmaids, grab a groomsman and head to the dance floor!

A good DJ can turn a wedding where you're betting on how long the marriage last into a full on dance party. Billboard asked top wedding DJs across the country which songs they use to trick us into thinking we have rhythm!

From line dances to one hit wonders, Billboard compiled a list of 100 songs that are most played at weddings. Here are some of the highlights.

A catchy tune and Abba lyrics are all the encouragement we need to think we're all a "Dancing Queen," putting it at 81 on the Billboard list.

The bride got him to 'put a ring on it,' so Beyonce's "Single Ladies," is the perfect empowerment anthem for the bridesmaids with bare ring fingers.

"Danza Kuduro" holds the record for the longest run on top of the Latin Rhythm Airplay charts. Billboard ranked it #64 because it makes everyone feel like they can salsa dance!

Even those with no sense of rhythm can do The Cha-Cha slide. The lyrics literally tell you exactly what to do!

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The father of the bride doesn't want to hear his little girl described as "A lady in the street, but a freak in the bed," but "Yeah" by Usher, Lil John, and Ludacris is the #7 song to fill up the dance floor.

The chart topping hit by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars, "Uptown Funk" is the number one song to pull wall flowers out of their chairs and into their dancing shoes!

Whether you're into country or rap, the right music will have your guests remember how much fun they had, and not how ugly the bridesmaids dresses were.