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Anna Akana Becomes an Intergalactic Beauty Queen In 'Miss 2059'
Anna Akana Becomes an Intergalactic Beauty Queen In 'Miss 2059'

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YouTube sensation Anna Akana entertains over 1.5 million subscribers on her channel. After losing her sister to suicide she set forth her comedic side to create videos her former teenage self would love. Her goal is simple -- to connect with her audience as well as those who may be in need of support. editors recently caught up with Anna at this year's VidCon in Anaheim, California. An event where social creators get together to celebrate the power of online video. She shared her favorite projects, the best thing about social media and what's to come.

Can you tell us about your experience working on 'Miss 2059'?
So Miss 2059 is a scripted series on go90. Which is Verizon's app. It's for free and and the series if for free and its not even ad supported so you don't even have to watch ads! I'm very excited. It's been wonderful to have a bunch of little girls come up to me and be like, "I love the show so much, all the women are so empowering." So, its been really wonderful.

So your start came from YouTube, what's your favorite thing about the platform?
My favorite thing about the platform is really the creative freedom that you have in it. Whenever I'm auditioning for a TV show I don't really have a say in my character, my lines or anything like that. The process is very much surrounded by other people telling you what to do. Where as with YouTube I'm like, "if I want to make a short film about every women in the world suddenly being nine months pregnant, I can do that." It's a great space to be creative. I like to think about it as a playground for filmmakers.

Check out the scene at VidCon!

What is your favorite video or project you've ever worked on?
Loose Ends. Because it was an all female crew, it was the first time I've worked with an all female crew. We were three hours ahead of schedule everyday. (We had tampons at the crafty table, everyones cycles linked up during filming) It was really great. The vibe was so safe. I just really loved it.

Do you want to continue to pursue acting?
I love acting. I recently did Ant-Man and Hello My Name Is Doris, with Sally Fields. Now I'm a recurring character on Comedy Central's Corporate. I've also been pitching a couple of TV shows and feature ideas. I sold a feature to Legendary that we are still in development with them. I really love showing up to set and having one to two jobs instead of every one. Its definitely the most creative, fun and free. So, I always want to do that.

Take us back to VidCon!

Do you see yourself shifting into writing or producing?
Maybe once I'm a little older and I'm not so vain. I'll definitely do more directing and writing and behind the camera. But right now I'm young, my face is my power right now, I have to take advantage of it!

What upcoming projects are you most excited for?
I just wrapped up You Get Me which is a feature film with Bella Thorne and Halston Sage. And Dirty Thirty -- the trailer for that film comes out next week. So, I'm very excited to see those features come together by the end of this year!

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