A Minnesota man decapitated his girlfriend's alleged rapist

Couple Allegedly Decapitate Man After Woman Claims He Sexually Assaulted Her
Couple Allegedly Decapitate Man After Woman Claims He Sexually Assaulted Her

A man from Minnesota has reportedly confessed to a gruesome crime involving the beating, stabbing and decapitation of a man his girlfriend said had raped her.

The boyfriend, Joseph Thoresen of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, confessed to using a bat to beat the alleged assailant and former acquaintance, stabbing him in the chest and finally decapitating him with the victim's own knife.

The bloody crime ocurred after a bizarre series of events that began at Thoresen's apartment, where he and his girlfriend initially tied up and beat David Haiman, 20, after confronting him with the allegations of assault.

Image: Itasca County Sheriff

But then the trio seemed to make peace. The group smoked some weed and meth and then went out looking for drugs, the Associated Pressreported.

An argument ensued later as they were driving near some isolated woods.

Thoresen pulled over after faking some car problems and that's when Haiman got out and looked under the car, only to be hit with a baseball bat and then stabbed with a machete. Thoresen allegedly used Haiman's own knife to decapitate him as he called out to the woman for help.

Thoresen disposed of the body but a few days later got the attention of police after an officer attempted to stop the car because of a traffic violation.

A chase ensued, ending with in the car running into a ditch. The driver of the car told police that Thoresen had confessed to the murder earlier and held him at knife point, telling him to drive away from the police.

Eventually, Thoresen's 22-year-old girlfriend led police to where the remains were found.

She has now also been charged with being an accomplice to the muder and with assaulting Haiman back at the apartment.

She apparently blamed the gruesome murder on the methamphetamine, telling police that was "not my Joe."

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