Welcome to Miami, the worst city to live in America

Welcome to Miami, The Worst City to Live in America
Welcome to Miami, The Worst City to Live in America

By: Amanda Kabbabe and Sean Dowling, Buzz60

Miami, Florida is known for its beautiful weather, world-famous beaches, fantastic cruise ships, stunning fashion models and exciting night life scene.

However, despite all of these amazing perks, the city in the Sunshine State is now known for something else.

According to the financial news website 24/7 Wall Street, Miami tops the list of the 50 worst cities to live in America.

The report judged cities based on crime rates, employment growth, education, housing affordability and income levels.

Click below for the 10 worst cities based on the 24/7 Wall Street report:

In all categories, Miami even beat out Detroit, a city often associated with high crime and poverty levels.

The report shows Miami has one of the largest income gaps in the entire country.

The top one percent of its citizens make about two million dollars a year, which is 45 times greater than the average income of the other 99 percent.

More than one in every four people in Miami live in poverty.

Crime rates are also high, with 1,060 incidents per 100,000, which is significantly higher than the national rate.

Other cities that were just behind Miami on the list include Paterson, NJ, Hawthorne, CA, Fall River, MA, Birmingham, AL and Memphis, TN.

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