Terrifying video shows man's quick move after losing parachute mid-air

Skydiver Loses Parachute During Flight
Skydiver Loses Parachute During Flight

If you've ever been skydiving, this is something you never want to happen -- losing your parachute while you're plunging to Earth.

That's exactly what happened to Daniel Herndon, a skydiver who was delivering the game ball to a soccer match in Oklahoma City.

Herndon was wearing a GoPro camera on his helmet, which captured the entire ordeal on video.

He successfully jumped out of the airplane, and then after a few seconds, looked at his watch and pulled his chute.

But something went wrong and you can hear him slowly and then frantically saying, "No, no, no ... no, no, no!"

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As soon as he lost his main chute, he quickly pulled his backup and the video thankfully ends on a more calm note.

"I lost my main parachute and freebag but did have a successful landing and got to deliver the game ball to the official," Herndon wrote on a Facebook post with the video.

We only hope we would be that composed in such a terrifying situation!