OnlyOnAOL: Why Sara and Erin Foster would never do a reality show

Erin and Sara Foster On  "Barely Famous"
Erin and Sara Foster On "Barely Famous"

By: Donna Freydkin

Let's make one thing abundantly clear.

The antics you see on VH1's hit "Barely Famous," created by and starring the sisters Sara and Erin Foster (airing Wednesdays), are not part of some reality expose. No, they did not go to prison. No, Sara is not obsessed with celebrity playdates with Kate Hudson. And no, Erin didn't go on a booze bender with Jessica Alba that ended quite badly.

Sure, their friends, including Hudson, appear on the show. And yes, some storylines are influenced by the ridiculousness of living in the fishbowl of Hollywood. But the madness that winds up on screen is cooked up in the writers' room. "It's a fun thing because this is a slice of life in Hollywood," says Erin.

In fact, says Sara, who plays a vapid, ambitious but failed actress on the show, the character you see on the small screen has no bearing on her actual existence, as the longtime partner of tennis player Tommy Haas. "My regular life -- I have two kids. I have a seven-month-old baby and a five-and-a-half-year old. I don't wear makeup. I have a very mundane life. It's pre-school. It's just being a mom. I don't have a very exciting life, I have to be honest," says Sara.

"I can confirm. Sara does not know how to do her own makeup," says Erin.

They're the daughters of hitmaker David Foster (who was featured on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" while married to Yolanda Foster) and yes, Erin and Sara say their surroundings influence plotlines. But nothing is pulled straight from their own lives, or those of their friends, famous or otherwise.

"The process of developing a storyline is so much more complicated than that," says Erin. "It's not that simple. It's not like, you say something and it ends up on the show."

The sisters play clueless on their series, but in person, they're razor-sharp and completely focused. They banter seamlessly and notice everything. And they're deeply appreciative. "VH1 took a big chance on us," says Erin. "We weren't established as comedians and writers."

Especially as the brains behind their own sitcom. "We could get a meeting with essentially any network if we were shopping a show about our lives, a reality show. That's an easy sell. People wanted that show," says Sara.

The sisters would never consider it. "The notion of putting your personal (and the) life of your children and your husband and your private moments (on TV), that is something I could never get behind," says Sara.

The second season features guest turns from Hudson, Chelsea Handler, Chris Martin, Alba and Zach Braff. Take a look at Hudson through the years below.