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ario Selman has built a following on social media using his charm and comedic personality. He's an influence on YouTube and Instagram — dabbling in sketch comedy, parody and videos. He launched on YouTube in 2014 — however he's racked up over 200 thousand subscribers, surpassing that on Instagram with over 671 thousand followers.

There's no surprise this funny man has a supportive following. We recently caught up with him at this year's VidCon in Anaheim, California. An event loaded with social creators who get together to celebrate the power of online video. Mario discussed his favorite video, the best thing about YouTube, and his exciting, future projects.

What brings you to VidCon and what are you most excited for?
I came to VidCon to meet my supporters, of course. I was most excited to see all my friends again. Because the last time I saw them was at Playlist. I live by some of them, but a lot of them live all over the United States, so that's what I'm most excited for. Just seeing all of them.

Check out the scene at VidCon:


How did you first get started on
I just pulled up the app. I don't remember how. I found it and started doing little hand movements because that's the thing on Over time I just got better and better at doing them. More people started noticing me when I did get better at it.

Do you have a favorite video you've ever done?
My sister and I did two dancing videos that were really fun. I posted them on my Instagram. We danced together with music going on, and it was really cool.

we lit @catselman ❤️ love you sis😊

A video posted by snap: itsmemario1809 (@itsmarioselman) on Apr 11, 2016 at 5:27pm PDT

You said Connor Franta is your dream collaboration why is that?
He's the one person I started watching on YouTube, and he's the person that made me want to start YouTube and YouNow.

What's your favorite part about YouTube?
That you can create your own content. You can direct your own things. You can star in your own things. You can make anything you want. If you want to do comedy, or opening something, or talking about something. I love how you can just be yourself on there.

What's your favorite thing about your fans?
How supportive they are. When you're on the computer you don't see their smiles or their energy, but when you actually meet them, they are smiling and they give you the warmth. I don't know how to even explain it - they give you the good energy. That's what I like.

How did you get into comedy and parody?
I guess I'm just funny in general. Maybe I try to be a little bit funny. So, putting that on YouTube, that's what catches the audience. That's my personality. I put my personality out there and over dramatize it so its more funny and more people come to watch.

Can you talk a little about any upcoming projects you are really excited for?
A lot of people don't know this but I can sing and play piano. I've never done it on social media. I've never posted a singing video or anything like that, but music will definitely be coming soon.

Why haven't you done music up until now?
I felt like its something I've been able to keep for myself. Since I go to a high school for the arts, so it was always my time. I didn't have to be put up there, its just for me. I feel like I'm finally ready to share what I can do and see if people enjoy it.

Mario is partners with Collab, the largest independent network for multi-platform talent.

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