Hubble telescope captures stunning auroras on Jupiter

Hubble Telescope Captures Stunning Auroras On Jupiter
Hubble Telescope Captures Stunning Auroras On Jupiter

Jupiter is well known for its immense size and intense storms, but the planet also hosts some pretty impressive light shows.

Astronomers taking advantage of the Hubble Space Telescope's ultraviolet capabilities recently released a stunning image of auroras swirling over the gas giant.

The bright and lively features appear near the poles when highly energized matter comes into contact with gas atoms.

Researchers are currently studying how auroras are affected by solar wind, which is packed with charged particles.

In addition to gathering information via the Hubble, they are examining data collected by NASA's Juno spacecraft, which is scheduled to enter the planet's orbit on July 4.

Jonathan Nichols, the lead researcher, said, "It almost seems as if Jupiter is throwing a firework party for the imminent arrival of Juno."

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