He's got the whole girl in his hands: 2 cheerleaders announce engagement in epic photo

Couple Announces Engagement in Epic Cheerleader Pose Photo
Couple Announces Engagement in Epic Cheerleader Pose Photo

The acrobatic couple whose engagement photo is burning up the internet are out to prove it is not Photoshopped.

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Adam Sunderhaus and Ashley Vennetti are former cheerleaders from the University of Kentucky.

They recently got engaged in Turks and Caicos and turned the traditional engagement photo on its head when Vennetti was pictured showing off her ring while balancing herself perfectly in Sunderhaus' palm.

They posted the photo and it instantly became a social media sensation. Most folks couldn't believe what they saw.

"It's obviously fake," read one comment.

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The couple spoke to Inside Edition to set the record straight.

"It is a common stunt. It is a common thing that cheerleaders do," Vennetti told Inside Edition.

The duo are no strangers to the stunt, having performed it twice in public before once at Chicago's Wrigley Field and at Disney World in Florida.

On Thursday, they showed off the trick for Inside Edition's cameras.

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