Upside down sea turtle saved by rescue team

Upside Down Sea Turtle Saved by Rescue Team
Upside Down Sea Turtle Saved by Rescue Team

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aren't the only heroes in a half shell.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation crew teamed up with Nature Conservancy to create a pretty heroic duo and help one special lady out of a troublesome situation.

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According to the conservation's Facebook page, a loggerhead sea turtle was found not only upside down but wedged between two rocks at Blowing Rocks Preserve, about an hour and a half north of Miami.

The endangered animal was trapped and uncomfortable, leading the wildlife teams to step in and help save her by flipping her over and lifting her out.

Because of the size of the loggerhead sea turtle, the process was a real challenge!

But it was totally worth it for the rescue teams that report, once free, she "quickly crawled back into the water and swam off like a champ."

While the two teams were able to help the sea turtle, they want to remind beachgoers that this isn't an operation for every day people.

If you come across nesting female turtles or hatchlings in trouble, steer clear and call experts for help.
You can do your part by leaving the beach the same, or even better, than you found it.

This includes taking all of your trash and belongings with you as well as filling any holes you might have left behind.

As for this saved reptile, we hear she made it back just in time for the premiere of "Finding Dory."

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