Theater apologizes after R-rated trailer plays before 'Finding Dory'

California Theater Plays R-Rated Trailer Before 'Finding Dory'

WPIX -- Some parents who attended a recent screening of "Finding Dory" in California might be wishing their kids have short term memory loss.

Turns out a theater full of young moviegoers got quite and eye and earful thanks to the coming attractions which played before the movie.

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"Sausage Party," the upcoming R-rated animated flick starring Seth Rogan and Kristen Wiig, and just about every comedian alive, is a graphic comedic tale about cartoon food rising up against humans.

According to CNN,the audience at the Brenden Concord 14 in Concord California was not only treated to the trailer before a showing of "Finding Dory," but it was also the RED band trailer -- featuring a bevy of profanities and highly inappropriate content.

The theater was quick to offer an apology saying it was an honest mistake. Rogan who not only co-stars but also wrote the film tweeted about the snafu saying "This made my day."

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