Red wine floats are sure to make all kids at heart happy

Boozy Bourbon Ice Cream Float
Boozy Bourbon Ice Cream Float

Calling all ice cream float lovers. You have to stop sneaking gulps of your kid's root beer floats, because do we have a surprise for you.

Introducing the red wine ice cream float, and it's going to make your dessert time that much better. It's brought to us by Brooklyn Winery, and their new project BKW.

The kalixmoto -- a drink with equal parts of red wine and ice cream -- is the float of our (adult) dreams. How could it not be? Pair great wine with Mascarpone gelato, and you've got one drink sure to outdo your other PG creations.

Refreshing and sweet, your tastebuds will thank you.

Scroll through below for more creative cocktail creations:

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