People are doing something super weird with fur to remember their pets

Common Plants That Are Toxic to Pets
Common Plants That Are Toxic to Pets

Your pet's fur is already all over your clothes. Why not weave it in there on purpose?

Marion Wheatland must have had that very thought, because the Australian businesswoman created a way for your furry friends to be forever remembered in that way.

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All you have to do is collect your pet's fur and have it spun into an item of clothing, a rug or anything else you can imagine.

The idea came from a student in one of her yarn spinning classes -- she wanted yarn spun from her poodle's fur so she could wear it when she's cold.

The weird request didn't faze Wheatland, and she worked up both a vest and a beanie of poodle fur. That's when the requests started rolling in, and from there, Spinning Pets Yarn came to be.

"Some people think we're crazy but animals are part of the family," Wheatland told Mashable Australia.

And it's not just pet yarn you're wearing, if that's what you were worried about -- regular yarn is weaved in as well.

If you're interested, bobbins range from $25 to $40.

For more information about Spinning Pets Yarn, read the full interview Mashable Australia did with Wheatland here.