OnlyOnAOL: Busy Philipps shares major family news

Busy Philipps On "Vice Principles"
Busy Philipps On "Vice Principles"

By: Donna Freydkin

Mom of two Busy Philipps has major family news. She's getting ready to bring home a new addition.

"For Birdie's eighth birthday, she's getting a kitten. She knows. She's been asking for it. She's told everyone at school she's getting a cat. It's happening," says Philipps, the mother of daughters Birdie and Cricket.

And she's a proponent of adopting, as opposed to buying. "We're going to the rescue organization in LA to see what they have going on," says Philipps, who's also partnered with Purina. For every bag of Purina Cat Chow purchased from July 1-July 31, up to five million meals will be donated to Rescue Bank, a non-profit organization that distributes pet food and other supplies to local shelters.

So no spoiler alerts here, folks. "We're big cat people in my house. I had a cat in college that my roommate took. And my husband and I had a cat that passed away right before Cricket, our second baby, was born. So our older daughter was like, 'When are we getting another cat?' Surprise, you're getting another baby! You're not getting another cat. You're getting another sister," laughs Philipps.

The actress is promoting her new HBO series "Vice Principals, premiering July 17; she's the ex-wife of Danny Mcbride, who's the vice principal tasked with discipline at Lincoln High.​ Working with McBride, whom you know from "Pineapple Express' and "Eastbound & Down," proved inordinately challenging for the ultra-professional Philipps.

"I have always prided myself as being someone who can really keep it together. But there's something about Danny's delivery that kills me every time. Maybe because I'm a big fan. But I was a huge fan of Courteney Cox. I'm the biggest 'Friends' fan of all time. I know every episode. Just him opening his mouth made me laugh so hard. It was hard for me to get it together. But I didn't get fired," says Philipps, who costarred with Cox on "Cougar Town."

She so enjoyed the shoot, which took place in the Palmetto State, that she temporarily relocated and even celebrated her birthday there. "I went out with a bunch of friends in Charleston. We had a lot of margaritas and tequila and fun times. The kids are in Charleston. It's where we shot 'Vice Principals' and we all fell in love with it and we decided to take a vacation trip back there with our families," says Philipps.

Take a look at Cox's photos below.