McDonald's newest burger is not served on a bun

McDonald's Newest Burger Is Not Served On A Bun
McDonald's Newest Burger Is Not Served On A Bun

By: Amanda Kabbabe/Patrick Jones

McDonald's is no stranger to getting creative when it comes to their meals. They have no choice, since their competitors are pumping out crazy ideas like black burger buns and "Mac & Cheetos."

Their latest idea may take the proverbial cake, because McDonald's has done the unthinkable: they've created a bun-less burger.

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It all started in Texas, where McDonald's has been running a campaign called "The McBurger Showdown." Fast food lovers of the Lone Star state were told to dream up their ideal sandwich.

The losers included The Brontosaurus Tex, The BBQute and The Yee Hawt.

While those creations looked delicious, they were no match for The Lone Star Stack. It consists of two beef patties, sweet onion barbecue sauce, caramelized onions, Applewood smoked bacon, American and white cheddar cheeses, and crinkle cut pickles all in between two slices of hearty texas toast.

The sandwich is the most creative, delicious sandwich McDonald's has ever offered. The only unappealing part of this creation is that it is only available in Texas.

While cardiologists may be happy about that, it's a major disappointment for everyone else in the world.

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