Man tries to rob home, beaten with his own bat by homeowners

'He messed with the wrong family': Burglar beaten with his own bat

NORTH PORT, Fla. — It was a swing and a miss for a would-be burglar who struck out while trying to rob a family in Florida.

Noah Dassat, 33, from California, beat down the door of a home in North Port and went after a family of five, which included children ranging in ages from 2 to 10.

His weapon of choice was a black wooden baseball bat.

What he didn't count on was a struggle from the father, who police say caught Dassat in a bear hug while his wife grabbed the burglar's bat and beat him with it.

North Port Police say Dassat fled on foot sporting significant head injuries and was taken into custody after giving a fake name at a Port Charlotte Hospital.

He was arrested and charged with four felony counts.

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