Luca Fersko takes the next big step in his fashion career

Quality clothing at a budget-friendly price can sometimes feel like a tall ask. But Luca Fersko, the viral fashion vlogger who has garnered over 16 million YouTube video views and almost 300,000 fans, hopes to make that process much easier.

Enter his collaboration with Nephews, a collection of everyday essentials that won't break the bank. The pieces range from $30 to $98, and focuses on stackable numbers like fitted mock neck sweaters and elastic waistband cropped pants, that can be tailored to anyone personal style. Even though this is Fersko's first big leap into the world of design, his vision is clear and mature. If his collaboration is any indicator, Fersko is soon to be a big name in the fashion world.

We recently sat down with the fashion influencer to talk about how his Nephews line came together from start to finish, the designers he's obsessed with, and more!

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And then when did your love of fashion first begin?
I went to a fashion design school for six months and that was when I realized that it was what I wanted to do. Right now everything is in the early stages, obviously. I would love to have my own clothing line in the future, but that takes time and experience. But fashion has always been on my eye. I always try to dress well.

What was the design process like for your Nephews collaboration?
Again, we wanted to keep things super simple and true to my aesthetic. Lots of clean lines and we want it to be something that anyone can have in their closet. We are marketing it as unisex so everyone can have it. We want it to be an essential clothing line. We also threw in some weird aspects into it as well. Hopefully it will make it different than other lines out there.

What piece are you're most proud of?
Probably the pants that we're doing. We're doing three tops, a pair of pants, a hat, and a tote bag. The pants were kind of spur of the moment; we ended up changing the design a lot. The process has been ongoing since December and I have had to keep it a secret so that was stressful. But the pants, we recently just changed the fabric, and they're crazy, so I love them.

What can fans expect from your new collaboration?
I think it fits whatever styles they tend to gravitate towards. Everything will be priced under $100 so it's more on the affordable end. So whatever they think that they can vibe in or whatever fans think is best suited towards their personality is available. It's great quality and an amazing collection all around.

What items are you most excited to wear in your day-to-day wardrobe?
It's cool because the whole collection is stackable meaning you can wear the shirt with the pants or the hat with the pants and the tote. So everything goes together. Because of that, I'll probably just end up wearing one piece everyday.

What other designers or aesthetics are you most drawn to?
Anything clean and simple. I think simplicity is key and I draw a lot of inspiration from simple designers. I love Issey Miyake and Acne Studios. There's so many I can draw inspiration from!

YouShouldKnow is a feature that showcases up-and-coming social stars. To see more of past interviews, Luca Fersko, click here.

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