Luca Fersko reveals the one trend you need to try this season

As much as we adore seasonal styles, it's easy to get stuck in a monochromatic rut -- especially when earth tones have never been more in style. But this season, colors are coming back in full swing. Don't believe us? Just ask Luca Fersko, the viral fashion vlogger who constantly has his sights on the next big trends to try. His keen eye for styles have garnered him praise across the social media space and have made him a Fashion Week favorite among some of the world's biggest sartorial names, including Calvin Klein and Coach. With over 300,000 fans, over 16 million views on YouTube alone, and a brand new clothing collaboration with Nephews, Fersko has carved a place for himself in the world of fashion. And if his breadth of knowledge has taught him anything, it's that once an exciting seasonal trend is on its way, everyone should take a chance and try it out.

Above, we talked to Luca Fersko about why the colorful trend is making its way back into style, what his biggest fashion mistake was, and more!

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