Finding a weird looking Cheeto could win you $60,000

Cheetos Museum Offering Money for Weird Shaped Cheetos
Cheetos Museum Offering Money for Weird Shaped Cheetos

Finding small, non-disgusting treats in your food is always exciting -- from green potato chips to grilled cheese sandwiches with the face of Jesus burned into them.

Now, your tiny, delicious works of art could hang in a museum.


The online Cheetos Museum, one of the greatest food-based digital galleries to exist, is looking for Cheetos to add to their specially-curated collection of little orange rarities.

They're grabbing the 10 best submissions to feature from now through Aug. 15.

The public can vote on contest submissions, and the weekly favorite will win $10,000.

A final grand prize winner gets an extra $50,000.

There are three categories for submissions:

1. Visual interest: How unique is your Cheeto and how well does it match your description?

2. Buzzworthiness: How buzz-worthy is your Cheetos snack, title and description?

3. Creativity: How creative is your title and description of the snack?

You can enter a total of 50 times per email address per day.

To see the existing collection and vote for your favorite submissions, go here. Read the full rules for the contest here.