Biker gets revenge on reckless driver after alarming merging incident

Road Rage
Road Rage

One of the worst things about driving is dealing with reckless drivers who violate traffic laws.

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And a tech-savvy motorcyclist in Connecticut decided to teach a woman an important lesson after she put his safety at risk.

In a video posted to YouTube, a biker wearing a helmet camera is seen riding in the left lane, when out of nowhere a woman to his right cuts him off. (Warning explicit language used in video below)

After the cyclist fired off a few choice words, he proceeded to get the ultimate revenge.

He flagged a police officer down and reported the incident.

"She tried to run me out of my lane at the merge," he said to the cop in the video.

The woman ended up getting two tickets, one for passing on the right and unsafe lane change, according to Mashable.

We're guessing she'll think twice before trying that risky stunt again.

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