Woman shot dead along with sister by their own mother was about to get married

Woman Fatally Shot With Sister By Their Mother Had Just Picked Up Wedding Dress
Woman Fatally Shot With Sister By Their Mother Had Just Picked Up Wedding Dress

Taylor Sheats is seen excitedly picking up her wedding dress in a newly revealed video shot before she and her sister, Madison were murdered by their own mother.

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The 22-year-old was set to be married this week and video shared by close family friend, Madison Davey, said there were warning signs about Taylor's mother, Christy.

"Christy was toxic for the family," she told Inside Edition. "I always knew that something would happen. I never thought that she would do this."

The slain girls' grieving dad is now revealing that the violence was triggered after his wife called for a family meeting in the living room. Suddenly, she pulled out a gun.

"He told Christy just shoot yourself make it easier on all of us, just shoot yourself and she said no that's not what this is about. This is about punishing you," Davey said.

Police say Christy Sheats chased after her fleeing daughters and opened fire. Both were killed. The dad escaped with his life.

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The mother was shot dead by cops, who say they had been to the house several times for domestic calls prior to the murders, once even for a suicide attempt.

Christy Sheats had posted loving words on Facebook about how much she loved her girls.

"Happy daughter's day to my two amazing, sweet, kind, beautiful, intelligent girls," she wrote last September. "I love and treasure you more than you could ever possibly know."

Christy's friend Katherine Knowles told Inside Edition: "She was just very proud of them. That was her life those 2 girls. That is why this is so unbelievably shocking."

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