Woman makes man apologize to her on video after he sexually assaults her

Princeton Sexual Assault
Princeton Sexual Assault

Azmina was walking down the street on a Saturday night with her boyfriend, as any woman might do, when she was sexually assaulted.

A man walked by her on the Central London street and punched her in the vagina.

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Azmina, who works at women's rights campaigner at a well-known human rights organization, explained the incident in a Facebook post.

After her attacker assaulted her, she yelled and told him that what he did was not acceptable.

He responded aggressively at first.

He approached her boyfriend like he wanted to fight, and even when she called the police he was dismissive. She kept following him, asking him why he sexually assaulted her.

"Was it because he assumed there would be no consequences?" she, wrote on Facebook. "That I would just remain silent and get over it? Was it because I was a young-ish woman? Because I am a brown-skinned woman? Did he think it was OK because I was wearing heels? He responded that it was because 'I was attractive and he was intoxicated.'"

Finally, the attacker realized she wasn't going to let up and apologized.

That wasn't enough.

She made him say her name, admit what he did and apologize on video -- which she then posted to Twitter.

In the video, the assaulter slurs and sways as he confesses "what I did was totally wrong," which was "punching you in the crotch."

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