Why 'Marvel Off the Rack' is a must-see for comic book lovers

If you've ever had a question about comic books, films, or frankly anything that falls into the sci-fi genre, you don't have to look further than YouTube to get the answer. More specifically, all you have to is talk to Danika Lee Massey, also known by her YouTube moniker Comicbookgirl19 or DBG19. Massey's YouTube videos, which are most notable for her commentary and insight on everything from classic comic books to the latest episode of "Game of Thrones," have captured over 33 million users on the platform alone and have solidified her place as a tastemaker and expert in the field.

And she's not just starting and stopping with YouTube. Massey recently just finished creating an hour-long documentary detailing the Dark Phoenix Saga, "X-Men's" epic story arc, while also starring in the newest go90 series "Marvel Off the Rack." For die-hard Comicbookgirl19 fans, the series still showcases Danika giving her spin on the quintessential topics. But as an added bonus, viewers get to see her interview some of the comic book industry's biggest names. The season finale, which airs tomorrow, alongside the rest of "Marvel Off the Rack" can be viewed on the streaming app go90. And trust us on this one, the series is a must-see.

Before the season finale, we caught up with the personality behind it all, Danika Lee Massey, to talk about where her love of comics first began, her YouTube career, go90 series and more. Ahead, find out her favorite moments while filming "Marvel Off the Rack," what her biggest takeaway was, and the interview she couldn't stop gushing over.

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How did your role in "Marvel Off the Rack" come about?
I was with Maker, my creator network for my Comicbook19 television show, and they were approached by Marvel to do a show for go90, which is a mobile platform. And I'm one of the only people who talks about comic books in that capacity. A lot of YouTubers talk about video games but not many of them focus on comic books, so it was a natural fit. I was so thrilled to do the show because I'm such a big fan of Marvel -- especially "X-Men."

What was it like for you working on a set that wasn't your standard YouTube one?
It was such an amazing experience for me. I learned so much for being on the set and had so much fun being with the crew. And I really enjoyed working on a bigger production and I was happy that I found that I could do it. I'm so used to working with just my creative director who edits my show on YouTube. And it's just us in our set that's in our apartment. I went from a very intimate setting to a much larger one. The first day I was super nervous, but after that day I knew I could do it.

What did a typical day look like for you on set of "Marvel Off the Rack?"
We had two weeks of production, with one week for all the interviews and monologues on our set. That week I'd get in the chair at 9, do my makeup and try out outfits, and then I would film on set. We'd start with the monologues and then would end with the interviews. And the interviews were really amazing. Especially interviewing Method Man in particular -- he was a really phenomenal interview because he's well spoken and he does love comics. That makes it so easy for me to talk to someone who really does love the medium.

The next week, we went off the set and did our woman on the street style pieces. That was a lot of fun as well. We would visit a ton of different places for interviews. We got to visit "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." one day. Also, another thing that was a lot of fun was that I got to interview the man who trained Robert Downey Jr. I tried out the machines and it was amazing to hear him speak about his experience with Robert off camera and what he had to go through. I also went into the Marvel studios itself. That week was a lot more fun since it gave me the opportunity to get into other people's worlds which is something I'm very interested in.

What was your biggest takeaway from filming "Marvel Off the Rack?"
With YouTubers, there's not a lot of people who have made that change from a YouTube screen to that larger space of traditional media, and I feel like I really nailed it. I'm ready to continue on and do larger things. If we have another season, I would love to do more in the producing capacity as well.

YouShouldKnow is a feature that showcases up-and-coming social stars. To see more of past interviews, click here. And head over to AOL.com at 12 p.m. ET for more exclusives on Comicbookgirl19!

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