This struggling teen asked a stranger for a box of doughnuts and ended up with $270K (and growing)

Memphis Man Raises More Than $250k for Teen
Memphis Man Raises More Than $250k for Teen

What started as one 16-year-old boy's quest for a box of doughnuts ended in him receiving a nearly $270K (and growing) donation on behalf of kind and generous strangers everywhere.

Matt White was in a grocery store parking lot in Memphis, Tennessee when Chauncey Black approached him and offered to help carry his groceries back to his car in exchange for a box of doughnuts.

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White said the situation "broke his heart" and he felt compelled to help Chauncey further than simply tossing him a box of doughnuts.

The two went back into the grocery store where White purchased the teen an entire grocery cart full of groceries.

Black explained that it was quite difficult to provide for himself and his mother, who is disabled and unable to work.

White penned down the heart-wrenching story on his Facebook page, telling Chauncey's story and the difficult reality that the boy was facing.

The post was soon accompanied by a GoFundMe page, with an original goal of raising $250 to buy Chauncey a lawnmower so that he could start earning money by mowing lawns.

Within 13 days, the GoFundMe page had already raised $278K, plus a plethora of other non-monetary donations for Chauncy and his mother, such as furniture, clothing and bedding.

White is in the process of establishing a trust fund to put that money towards the teen's education and providing his family a new house.

White calls Chauncy is "hero," and we're sure the teen would say the same about White.

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