'The Bachelorette': Jordan showed his 'entitled' side, Derek cried (a lot!) and each date was awkwardly boring

Jordan vs. James T. on The Bachelorette
Jordan vs. James T. on The Bachelorette

Whether you hated him or loved him, we can all agree on one thing: The Bachelorette is extremely boring now that villain Chad Johnson is not around.

In our first Chad-free week, JoJo and her eight remaining men traveled to Buenos Aries, Argentina for what turned out to be a week's worth of yawn-worthy dates. The Bachelorette producers even tried to shake things up with yet another two-on-one date, but it only left us with the realization that without Chad, the rest of JoJo Fletcher's season is going to be a snooze-fest.

Let's relive the most disappointing moments...

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1. Wells Was Underwhelming: After all these weeks, it was finally time for Wells to have his time in the Bachelorette spotlight and embark on his first one-on-one date with JoJo. There was just one problem: Everyone (including JoJo!) was fixated on the fact that Wells had yet to kiss the leading lady. All throughout their date, we could practically hear Sebastian from The Little Mermaid singing "Sha-la-la-la!" while we waited for the 31-year-old radio DJ to make his move. In the end, Wells eventually did kiss the girl, but clearly it was not enough to break him out of the Bachelorette friend-zone because JoJo sent him packing.

2. JoJo and Jordan Fought and Made-Up—Yet Again: Sigh... this is getting very old. In an effort to cloud the painfully obvious fact that Jordan is the frontrunner in the race for JoJo's heart, the duo had yet another obstacle thrown their way. This week, it was the fact that James Taylor called Jordan "entitled" because he challenged him on a specific rule in poker. (Umm... okay?) But just like their millions of little fights before, JoJo confronted Jordan, he admitted his faults and then they kissed passionately and moved on.

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3. Derek Cried for Argentina (and JoJo): On this week's two-on-one date, JoJo, Derek and Chase participated in a three-person tango and it was both sultry and super bizarre. Despite the fact that Derek told JoJo he was falling in love with her, our Bachelorette decided to keep Chase around after he lamely said he "liked where things were heading." Things were only made more awkward when the show cut back and forth from Derek (adorably) crying in the elimination van, to JoJo and Chase dancing to live performance of Evita's "Don't Cry For Me Argentina."

4. Alex Continued to be a Mini "Super Douche": With Chad out of the way, Alex has fully embraced his role as the small-scale villain of the season. (Height-inspired dig totally intended. #sorrynotsorry) For starters, he got poor nervous Wells even more worked up before his date by saying, "What if you kiss her and there's no sparks?" with a haughty smirk. He continued to complain about the fact that he has not had a true one-on-one date with JoJo, and that he doesn't feel "wanted" -- despite the fact that he called Derek an "insecure little bitch" just last week. To top it all off, when JoJo changed the rules and decided to save both Alex and James from elimination, the 25-year-old Marine was pissed about his "pity rose." Try to stay positive, little man.

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JoJo Says Goodbye to Derek
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