The 5 best skin-firming products just in time for summer

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If there's any indication of summer in the U.S., it's the suffocating heat. So long sweater weather and hello shorts, skirts and bare legs!

And while we are all for loving ourselves just the way we are -- there are a few of us that wouldn't mind having a little help for firmer, tighter skin during this bare-legged season -- especially when we're all pilates and SoulCycle'd out.

From gels to moisturizers, these products pack a powerful punch -- delivering smoother, firmer and more supple-looking skin.

Here are some of our favorite products, when we need that extra little boost:

Best body skin-firming products just in time for summer
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Best body skin-firming products just in time for summer

One of our favorite brands to make the leap across the pond to the U.S. is none other than Soap & Glory. This light gel delivers an impactful punch with just one application. The 4-D system was designed to help stimulate skin with ingredients such as sweet orange oil and glycerin to help smooth out thighs and hips as you sitWarning: The tingly sensation you will experience after you apply the product may feel a little uncomfortable. 

Available at Ulta, $24.00

Disregarding the name, this product from Bliss does indeed work wonders for your abs. Its gel contains six active ingredients (including manilkara tree extract), that help boost your core regimen to the next level.

Available at Ulta, $38.00

We are big fans of anything by philosophy and this moisturizer doesn't disappoint! This luxurious body cream is the perfect answer to all dry skin problems while firming and replenishing your body's natural moisture barrier. 

Available at Sephora, $37.00, 16oz.

Okay, so we cheated a little with this body BB cream by ENLITE here but for a good reason! Not only does this easy-going body lotion firm your skin with continued use but it's also a BB cream -- leaving you with flawless, airbrushed-looking skin.

Available at CVS Stores, $18.99

Last but not least there's a face-firming cream that does it all. We love Elizabeth Arden's Ceramide Lift and Firm cream and for obvious reasons! This moisturizer contains seven active ingredients that help lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin appearing smoother and more supple. The best part? It contains a cool SPF 30.

Available on Elizabeth Arden, $74.00


By Magdalena Guillen

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