Remember Casey from 'Life with Derek'? She's all grown up now and super gorgeous

11 Disney Channel Stars: Then & Now
11 Disney Channel Stars: Then & Now

Back in the early 2000's, Disney Channel was bae...that's what the kids say today, right?

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Anyway, Disney Channel had epic success with hilarious programming like "That's So Raven," "Even Stevens," and "Lizzie McGuire," to name a few. Along with these hilarious half hour comedies came another favorite of ours, "Life with Derek."

"Life with Derek" was a Canadian produced show that told the story of Casey MacDonald and her step-brother Derek Venturi and their constant attempts to one up each other.

For a quick refresher, here's a clip.

So we were wondering, what has Casey been up to?

The almost 30-year-old Casey MacDonald, played by Ashley Leggat, has stayed quite busy since end of "Life with Derek" back in 2009. According to her IMDb page, Leggat has starred in a multitude of projects, her most recent being Hallmark's "Good Witch," as well as a movie called "People Hold On," in which Derek, from "Life with Derek" directed.

Not shocking, Ashley still looks stunning seven years later.

In a recent interview with MTV, both Casey and Derek, (Ashley and Michael) reminisced about the show, plus the *sexual* tension all fans felt. Let's face it, we all wanted them to be a couple, even though they were step-sibilings. Check out their thoughts on MTV.

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