Patriotic Playlist - 15 songs to make this Fourth of July one to remember

The Fourth of July is just around the corner and with the patriotic holiday comes parties, bbqs, fireworks and fun. This year, kick back with a fun playlist that's perfect for celebrating the good, old USA.

1. Miley Cyrus - Party In the USA: "Party In the USA" dominated the radio when Miley Cyrus released this jam in 2009 and it is still guaranteed to still get people's "hands up" in the air.

2. Demi Lovato - Made in the USA: Demi Lovato sung her heart out on this joyous love song with a star spangled twist. The fun take is a fourth favorite.

3. Kim Wilde - Kids in America: Whether you are a kid now or were a kid when Kim Wilde released this hit in 1981, you'll be able to rock out to this timeless ode to the American youth.

4. Bruce Springsteen - Born In the USA: Bruce Springsteen's 1984 masterpiece "Born In the USA" tells of the struggles of a Vietnam veteran returning home. Despite the rather somber lyrics, the song's upbeat sound and catchy hook make this a go-to for Independence Day.

5. John Mellencamp - R.O.C.K. in the USA: This uplifting track from John Mellencamp is perfect for the Fourth of July and will definitely have everyone "rocking in the USA."

6. James Brown - Livin' in America: "The Godfather of Funk" jammed out on this hot track back in 1985, and now generations of people will get to groove to it whole celebrating our nation's independence.

7. Chuck Berry - Back In The USA: Chuck Berry released this record in 1959 and it's remained a classic reflection of why it is so great to be living stateside.

8. Jay Z - Empire State of Mind (Feat. Alicia Keys): Jay Z and Alicia Keys' 2009 ode to New York City will make the world wish they were from the Empire State. This is one of the many gems Jigga has dropped in his illustrious career and it is a great reminder of the American Dream.

9. Estelle - American Boy (Feat. Kanye West): Estelle dreams of meeting an American boy while Kanye brags about himself, as usual. This 2008 track is sure to get the party jumping.

10. Coldplay – A Sky Full of Stars: If people aren't dancing when this song comes on something is seriously wrong. Coldplay released this magnum opus in 2014 and parties haven't been the same since.

11. Justin Moore - Small Town USA: Slow it down for a moment and vibe to the smooth country voice of Justin Moore on his 2009 track dedicated to all of the "good ole small town[s]" across America.

12. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert - America the Beautiful: Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert collaborated for a great rendition of this American classic, and it is perfect for the calm moments of your Independence Day.

13. Katy Perry – Firework: As the night falls and fireworks begin to fill the sky, its only natural to play Katy Perry's 2010 hit, which will surely set the night on fire.

14. Celine Dion - God Bless America: The Fourth of July wouldn't be quite right without hearing Celine Dion's soothing, yet powerful vocals bless our ears in her beautiful rendition of Irving Berlin's 1918 track, "God Bless America."

15. Journey – Don't Stop Believin': Journey debuted this iconic track back in 1981. Thirty five years later and this song has been played and referenced in countless movies and will continue to be a must play track for many Independence Days to come.​

PHOTOS: Great grilling ideas for the Fourth of July

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By: Garrett Thomas

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