Orphaned ape snuggles with teddy bear with a heartbeat

Orphaned Ape Snuggles with Teddy Bear with a Heartbeat
Orphaned Ape Snuggles with Teddy Bear with a Heartbeat

Ignacious is a Golden-cheeked gibbon who prefers to go by "Iggy." The cute little ape was separated from his parents before he was even a year old.

Iggy was found alone in a tree, suffering from various different health issues. He was certainly weak and malnourished.

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Now, things are looking up for the little guy, because Iggy lives at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center in Cambodia with his new mother figure: A teddy bear.

He snuggles with his teddy, finding comfort in her battery powered "heartbeat."

The rescue center typically uses these bears with the simulated heartbeats when they want to comfort the animals but do not want to risk them getting too attached to humans.

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Iggy loves his teddy, and thanks to his new owners, he is now healthy and happy. The rescue center even describes Iggy as "extremely vocal," noting that he steals anything within his reach and is constantly showing off his swinging skills.

Despite his remarkable recovery, there are no plans to release Iggy back into the wild. Iggy's caretakers believe his natural habitat is too dangerous due to deforestation and illegal logging.

Although, with a bear as cute as the one he has to snuggle with, chances are Iggy is happy right where he is.