Meet all 5 Chasers vying to catch the elusive Runner

Catch Me

From Executive Producers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, The Runner is a groundbreaking live-action competition series made for mobile. For 30 days, one Runner must fight to make his or her way across the United States while being hunted by five chase teams... and the entire nation. Everyone is fighting for their piece of a million dollars.

As we get ready to kick off this great adventure on July 1st, learn a little more about the five chaser teams vying to catch The Runner and win the bounty set on The Runner.

The chasers need your help! If you want to get in on the action, head over to The Runner to learn how to help catch and play with your favorite team.

Meet Chasers Sweet N' Savage

Meet Chasers Sweet N' Savage

Former Playboy Playmate Heather and reality show veteran Ashley are Sweet N' Savage, a Chase Team who are equal parts sexy and steely. They plan to use all of their talents to get the upper hand and ensnare The Runner.

You can follow Sweet N' Savage at:

  • FACEBOOK: Chase Team Sweet n Savage
  • TWITTER: @heatherraeyoung
  • INSTAGRAM: @heatherraeyoung

Meet Chasers Friendzone

Meet Chasers Friendzone

Work pals Jen and Rafael are Chase Team Friendzone. They plan to use their athleticism and their ability to be in-sync co-workers and best buddies out on the road. Can being a super-simpatico duo be enough to catch The Runner?

You can follow Friendzone at:

  • FACEBOOK: Chase Team Friendzone
  • TWITTER: @Melorafael100
  • INSTAGRAM: @jabrill

Meet Chasers Bravo Square

Meet Chasers Bravo Square

Team Bravo Square is a pair of brothers from Queens, NY. They believe that their combination of brains (Brandon) and creativity (Brent) will give them the edge in this thrilling 30-day competition.

You can follow Bravo Square at:

  • FACEBOOK: Chase Team Bravo Square
  • TWITTER: @brandonS002
  • INSTAGRAM: @momentai24

Meet Chasers Brother Nature

Meet Chasers Brother Nature

Adapting to their surroundings are the key for Brother Nature, Hawaiian natives Travis and Koa. Koa learned from the ocean to become a champion surfer and Travis mastered the urban jungle when he moved to New York City to model. Now these bodacious brothers will adapt to 30 days of hunting The Runner.

You can follow Brother Nature at:

  • FACEBOOK: Chase Team Brother Nature
  • TWITTER: @travistrigger
  • INSTAGRAM: @koatree

Meet Chasers The Brogrammers

Meet Chasers The Brogrammers

Alex & James, aka The Brogrammers, think that their tech savvy will be what sets them apart in this 30-day cross-country competition. Will it be geekdom that gets the gold?

You can follow The Brogrammers at:

  • FACEBOOK: Chase Team The Brogrammers
  • TWITTER: @JamesStern
  • INSTAGRAM: @alex_dadds

If you want to get in on the action, head over to The Runner to learn how to help catch and play!

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