Local TV reporters charged with child abuse after 4-month-old child found with cocaine in system

Oro Valley couple accused of child abuse, drug possession charges
Oro Valley couple accused of child abuse, drug possession charges

Two local TV reporters are facing drug and child abuse charges after their infant daughter was found with cocaine in her system, according to Tucson News Now.

In May, Somchai and Krystin Lisaius took their infant daughter to the hospital after the baby appeared to be in distress after being breastfed. According to the police report from the Oro Valley Police Department the baby "became limp," was "unable to wake up," was "ragdoll-like" and her eyes were rolling to the back of her head.

Blood tests later revealed that the baby had cocaine in her system, prompting an investigation into her parents. After obtaining a search warrant, police found 1.59 grams of cocaine and a scale in the Lisaiuses' home.

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According to prosecutors, Krystin Lisaius did coke on May 14 and breastfed the infant the day after.

Both husband and wife have been indicted on charges of possession of a dangerous drug, drug paraphernalia and child abuse.

See images of the Lisaiuses below:

On Monday, June 27, both Somchai and Krystin Lisaius pleaded not guilty to the three charges.

The Lisaiuses were local TV reporters in Tucson. Somchai Lisaius was a reporter for KOLD-TV and Krystin Lisaius worked at KGUN-TV. It appears both have been terminated from their positions.

The infant is expected to make a full recovery.