Get free burgers for life from this restaurant if you change your name to 'Burger'

A Day in the Life of a Burger
A Day in the Life of a Burger

Really love hamburgers and saving money?

Mr Burger, a medium-sized, upmarket burger chain in Australia, wants to help by giving you free hamburgers for life — all you need to do is change your name.

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Yes, seriously, the Melbourne-based restaurant is offering a lifetime supply of burgers if you formally change your last name to "Burger."

You'll need to be over 18 (sorry kids) and officially change your name — which will cost some money. But don't worry, Mr Burger will cover the application feeif you're brave enough to become Mr. or Ms. Burger.

Once you've done that, email the company with a copy of the name-change confirmation if you receive it by July 31. Hopefully, you don't have any regrets at this point.

Now that the deed has been done, you'll have free burgers for life. Keep in mind, like all "lifetime supply" competitions, you'll be limited on how much you can get. In this case, it's seven burgers a week, which means you can't hoard them and feed all of your friends.

The first 10 people to enter will win, and if your surname is already Burger — sorry, no luck, but apparently you can get in touch with Mr Burger to get some sweet, sweet vouchers.

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