Dad uses hilarious parenting tactic after finding daughter's whiskey bottle

Dad Crashes Daughter's School Dance!
Dad Crashes Daughter's School Dance!

Just because you're not at home doesn't mean your parents can't call you out on your improper behavior -- especially with this tech-savvy dad.

He found a bottle of whiskey in his daughter's sock drawer while she was away, but instead of waiting for her to get back to address the issue, he sent her an epic video message letting her know what he had found.

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In a sweet and casual tone he says, "Hey girl, hope you're having a great time on the coast ..." and continues to describe the cute events he's seen her participate in.

And then with a big smile dripping with sarcasm, he continues in his casual tone, "Hey, when you get home, I'd like to talk to you about this." Then he holds up a bottle of Fireball whiskey he found in her drawer.

"I don't know if this [is] something that fell out of a sock because it was in your sock drawer ... we heard a news report of people breaking into houses and hiding whiskey bottles, so if that's the case then we need to contact the police," he said, with a slightly more concerned tone. "But if you've got another explanation, maybe you can explain it to us when you get home."

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Then with a tilt of his head and big smile, he closes out the video with, "Love you girl, bye."

We just know that he had to have some fun making this video calling his daughter out on her sneaky transgressions.

She posted the video on her Twitter account, which has since racked up more than 20,000 likes and nearly 10,000 retweets.

Good luck getting out of this one, Elainey!

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