This easy trick may save your child's life

Meet Parents Who Say They No Longer Discipline Their 'Out-Of-Control' Teen
Meet Parents Who Say They No Longer Discipline Their 'Out-Of-Control' Teen

Summer means beaches, theme parks and other crowded areas where families can visit and have fun together. As careful as parents are, it is possible that they may be separated from their young children.

The terror of not knowing where your child is can be somewhat alleviated thanks to a tip shared by the Clovis Police Department in California Facebook page.

The post advised parents to make a temporary tattoo on their child's wrist with important information should they get lost.

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"Also, take a photo of them using your cell phone the morning of the event so you have their clothing, hair style, and up to date photo," the post continued.

The police department first posted the tip in September before a large event in the city. The tip was so popular, they decided to re-share it.

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Clover Police originally found the tip on a beauty secrets blog. Simply write the info with a marker, cover it with liquid bandaid and let it dry. The blog also suggested that if one's handwriting isn't good, they can buy temporary tattoo paper and print the information out-- as long as the lettering is backwards. They can then cover it with liquid bandaid as if it were handwritten.

This life-hack may not prevent a child from wandering; it could, however, give parents some peace of mind. Besides, when attending big summer events they should be focused on having fun with family-- which this may help with.