Ranking Taylor Swift's famous boyfriends from Taylor Lautner to Tom Hiddleston

Taylor Swift's Top Relationships RANKED
Taylor Swift's Top Relationships RANKED

It's no secret that Taylor Swift has dated her fair share of famous hunks: From Harry Styles to Taylor Lautner and Calvin Harris, many a celeb hottie have stepped out with the former country singer over the years. Lucky girl!

Following the news that Swift is now dating actor Tom Hiddleston just weeks after news of her breakup with Calvin Harris was made public, we decided to rank our favorite Taylor Swift's romances.

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Check out the gallery below for a full ranking of her seven most infamous celeb boyfriends, and watch the video above to learn more about each individual romance. Remember when she dated a musician 13 years her senior? Yeah, we forgot about that one too.

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Taylor Swift Caught Kissing Tom Hiddleston
Taylor Swift Caught Kissing Tom Hiddleston

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