Star Wars collectors' item fetching huge sums online

Lego Enthusiast Builds the Millennium Falcon From 'Star Wars'
Lego Enthusiast Builds the Millennium Falcon From 'Star Wars'

Many avid Star Wars fans collect a ton of memorabilia, but if you have one item in particular, it could be worth a lot of money -- that is, if you're willing to sell it.

LEGO's Star Wars Millennium Falcon is a replica of Han Solo's famously recognizable starship in the series. Crafted from over 5,000 LEGO pieces, it's an incredibly detailed version of the vessel, and it's going for unbelievably big sums online.

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If you have the Ultimate Collector's version 10179 in particular, you may want to consider putting it up for auction on eBay or sell it on Amazon, where many of the sets are going for thousands of dollars.

While the first edition collector's set is the one that seems to go for the most cash, there are a few other versions of the set that are going for quite a bit as well.

Check out the asking prices for versions of the LEGO Millennium Falcon on eBay and Amazon:

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